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Discovering Education Valley

Education Valley, partner of IRGIB-Africa University (www.irgibafrica.university) is an E-learning platform that offers short term and flexible learning opportunities in various fields within Applied Sciences and Management Courses. We promote the value of the mother university through the uniqueness of our contents.

Education Valley, an innovative digital learning environment

Choosing education valley is preparing to live a unique learning experience where creativity, freedom and autonomy are blended with flexibility to be compatible with professional commitment. Each candidate is studied and our methodology is adapted to the individual, and not the other way round

For science and honour, excellence and discipline remain our key values at Education Valley. We train the leaders of tomorrow. Our course contents are chosen to anticipate on the future of work.

We have a solid research base and are continually looking into new educational curricula and methodologies that will enable us to rank our students among the top across the globe.

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• Offering an e-learning gateway and basic competence.
• The creation of opportunities for improving one’s education and career.
• Making academic research more accessible, through the development of educational and management training.
• Facilitating entrance to and placement at desired institutions.
• Offering unstrained instructional techniques, provision of academic services.

•  Oversight and teaching
•  Optimization of academics and careers
•  Strategic Development and Growth
•  Continuous Education
•  Quality service
•  Freedom of information
• Diligence

• To provide aspiring students with access to university education.
• To collaborate with other open and distance learning institutions for mutual benefit and best practices.
• To provide a strong staff training and development program to ensure peak performance.
• To provide a blended learning platform for knowledge creation and acquisition
• To provide demand-driven programs for global opportunities via distance learning.
• To make the needs of learners central in service delivery.


Bachelor Certificate
Masters Certificate
Doctorates / PhD Certificate

Service Learning, learning by doing, this is our core teaching method. We value your work experience and we capitalize on your work environment to set you projects through which you acquire knowledge in a sustainable and constructive way. Through their experience, researches, successes but also their failures, our students acquire first-hand knowledge in their respective fields and this stays on the long run. At home, at work, or even on the road, you can study what you wish and when you wish.

Our extensive selection of online courses satisfies your goals, whether you want to prioritize knowledge acquisition or advance your present professional possibilities.

    About IRGIB-Africa University

    In order to promote the professional insertion of all IRGIB-Africa University students, we ensure that they have access to NYSC, Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, and other renown institutions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    We provide support and recommendations to alumni, applicant seeking for admission into other institution to further their studies or opportunities of mobility.

    IRGIB Africa University is accredited by Benin’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It is the pioneer in the field of Applied Sciences and Management Courses in the country. It has the biggest laboratory of Health Security in francophone west Africa. Its motto is “We learn to rise; we rise to overcome under-development.”

    To promote mobility, secure the transfer of technologies, and ensure the adoption of numerous modern management concepts, IRGIB Africa offers its students full-time or distance learning trainings that are completely in line with worldwide standards.